Heritage Hunt by the Letters

Section D: 
Who is he and where is "Pops"? __________________________
Where is Bessie Hopson?

Sections A – G:

How many soldiers' graves can you find?  (a prize to the highest counter)
Section E:  

Neatly lined up in a row, we stand tall as a family. Being remembered for the lives we lived, our tombstones bear witness to the love we left behind. Choose your favorite inscription and write it here along with the name of that McComb family member.


Section F:

Life doesn’t always end like we expect it to. Two young boys, playing around their home, were tragically involved in an automobile accident. They did not survive. What are the names of the two brothers buried next to each other with a stone between them that expresses the anguish felt by the family at this sudden loss? It reads simply:  "Our Babies”  

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Section G: 

The cemetery gates bear symbols. Designer and sculptor Mr. Harold Rittenberry told us that the birds and fishes are messengers. Well, that can also be said of Hot Papa. Guarding the front end of Section G. He is remembered for being a person who rode his bicycle around town sharing information, according to his nephew. There is a sunken grave behind this tombstone wherein lie the remains of this local legend and avid bike rider—often seen around the African-American historic business district, “Hot Corner.” Find "Hot Papa." What is his given name? __________________________

Section C: 

Mystery abounds and love endures forever.

Perhaps the person recorded as having the shortest life, find the funeral home marker for Bernard Brewster Tillman, who lived only for one minute. _____________________________________

Find the marker "Our Boys" near the Hill family plot. Do the dates of their death tell us anything about what may have happened to them?

Who are they and how long did each live? ___________________  __________________

Section A: 

It is in need of attention because it is flat on its back. This marker bears the names of the doctor and his wife who built the first maternity hospital for Blacks in Athens and named it for his mother, Susan Jones. He sold this business to Dr. Donarell Green Sr. upon retiring. Formerly known as the Susan Medical Center, it is now home to the Law Offices of Green and Green Attorneys at law. Oddly enough, his marker does not bear his title. His name is Dr. Andrew Jones, what is his wife’s name? _____________________________

820 West Lake Dr, AthensGA 30606, USA


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Monumentally, I proudly bear the names of six women buried on these sacred grounds – no doubt a tribute to their love and caring for a new generation that reached back to honor the shoulders on which they stood. Two of the names are Carpenter and Walker. What are the other names?

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Step up and greet me. I am a soldier, with duty to God and Country, and my name means sacred day of worship. Born in the 1880s, I served our country in World War I. Caring community members honored me with a flag at my gravesite. I now proudly stand tall and in service to my family of many generations. Can you find those born into slavery who are resting behind me lined up in a row?


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The historic Brooklyn Cemetery was established by the __________________________________, a burial society, in the year ________. This is only 17 years after the Union Army came to Athens, Georgia, on May 4, 1865 and freed 5,000 slaves. We believe some of them are buried right here in the Brooklyn Cemetery. We cannot know for sure that all of the Black people born prior to 1865 were slaves, but it is our belief that most were.

The Heritage Hunt. Find Your Way…

Locate the oldest marked grave and record the name here: ___________________________________

Here’s a clue for the first name: Unscramble the letters to spell the first name:


Find the newest grave and record the name and date here:__________________________________

Clue: It’s a rocky road we traveled in life. It is fitting that those rocks were crushed through our triumphs and now provide protection for our roadside family burial site.

Often, heavy is the cross we bear. Not so true here, lovingly sculpted by human hands, I rest on my side, patiently waiting to again stand tall to cast a shadow on the Bailey family graves.  Find me!

Clue: I look like this!